Aikido Training - Things to Consider
Why are you training?
-          Fitness
-          Self defense
-          Self Discipline
-          Do you have a goal in your training
-          Training should lead you to your goal even if your original goal changes
Relationship between Tori/Nage (person doing the technique) & Uke (person receiving the technique):
-          There always exists an agreement & relationship
-          Training & intensity level should always build up slowly and should never exceed the individual's skill level and their capacity to handle the increased intensity. The aim is to not have someone continually fail as it hinders development & reduces confidence.
-          Acknowledge the state of mind during an attack from both Tori & Uke viewpoints - at no time do we want to intentionally hurt someone - therefore there needs to be an understanding of ATEMI (strikes) and Uke's acknowledgment of its part within a technique and the appropriate response/reaction.
Correct Technique and Martial Awareness:
-          Understand why you are doing a technique and greater knowledge will follow - initially we just copy, however, to progress you need understanding.
Copyright: Hans Selimi - 13.6.2009.