Selimi Sensei 6th Dan
Geoff Crouch - 4th Dan
Renbu Dojo - Croydon/Ringwood - 
Selimi Sensei
Renbu Dojo: Sensei Hans Selimi - 6th Dan Aikido
Hans Selimi started training in Aikido with Barry Knight Sensei (6th Dan) in February 1985 and has over 36 years of Aikido training experience. Selimi Sensei was awarded his 5th Dan by Knight Sensei on 1.12.2002. This rank was also registered at the Aikikai Hombu in January 2005. In January 2017 Selimi Sensei was awarded his 6th Dan by the Aikikai Hombu.
Selimi Sensei is a third generation Aikido instructor who runs a skilled and dedicated Dojo and places great importance on teaching correct basic technique and the interrelationship between weapons and empty handed training.  In 2009 he became one of the founding members and President of the Eastern Aikido Association. 


Lisa Wittick - Nidan

Aleksandar Music - Nidan - Demonstrating 13 Jo Kata



Renbu Dojo Location & Training Times:
7th Ringwood Scout Group
49/51 Evelyn Road
Monday & Tuesday evenings 
Enquiries Phone Hans Selimi
0429 000 626
or email




Dominic Prokop 3rd Dan & Kevin Crane 4th Dan
Demonstrating Shihonage variation