Prokop Sensei - 3rd Dan

Prokop Sensei with Isoyama Sensei 8th Dan

Kenshin Dojo - Chirnside Park


Prokop Sensei
Kenshin Dojo: Sensei Dominic Prokop 3rd Dan Aikido


Dominic Prokop began training in Aikido in 2001 under Sensei Hans Selimi 6th Dan at the Croydon dojo. He was awarded his 3rd Dan by the Aikikai Hombu in January 2017.


Prokop Sensei is a firm believer in finding balance and truth in life, and this principle is reflected in his teaching and commitment to Aikido. Having travelled to other countries and training in various dojos around the world (see Travel pics page) his views and understanding of Aikido as a life practice have been well rounded and explored. Prokop Sensei runs a class that is dedicated to the development and understanding of correct basic techniques as a foundation to develop each individuals abilities, with an emphasis of exploring techniques and ways of thought that can be transposed into everyday life.



Prokop Sensei with Isoyama Sensei 8th Dan & Inagaki Sensei 7th Dan

Prokop Sensei infront of the recently unveiled statue of O-Sensei

Iwama Dojo from outside.

Inside the Iwama Dojo

Prokop Sensei and Kevin Crane 3rd Dan demonstrating Shihonage variation




Kenshin Dojo: Chirnside Park

Personal training in empty handed and weapons practice.

One on One tuition and group sessions are available.

Dojo Location and Training Times:
Kimberly Place Community Centre
33 Kimberly Drive
Tuesday: 6.00 - 7.30pm
Friday: 6.00 - 7.30pm
Enquiries: Phone Dominic Prokop on 0452 216 115